Why and how to play it safe when meeting your Sugardaddy for the first time?

Whenever you’re meeting a potential Sugardaddy, it’s important to trust your instincts and remember – these gut feelings don’t necessarily have to be measured in person. If the chatting through RichMeetBeautiful isn’t putting you at ease and evoking feelings of excitement and anticipation, it might be time to move on to the next Surgardaddy potential.

Don’t get hung up on the lack of profile pictures

Your Sugardaddy potentials won’t always have clear profile pictures and there are many reasons for that. Sugardaddies are wealthy men who are at the top of their game and in their sexual prime. Some have families or marriages they need to keep separate, some have professional reputations to protect and some need to keep their private life private for a variety of reasons. For these reasons and more, your potential Sugardaddy might not reveal himself to you until you’ve gained his trust through chatting online.

A smart Sugarbaby understands that discretion and privacy are of the utmost importance to their Sugardaddy and won’t pressure him. While it’s important for you to have a range of fantastically flattering profile pictures to entice Sugardaddies, it’s just as important for some Sugardaddies to remain anonymous until they are ready to reveal themselves.

You’re in control. Make the call!

Let’s say the online chatting is going in the right direction – it’s flirty, friendly and you have established that you have a few things in common. It’s time to meet and see if the shoe fits. What’s your next move? Set up a quick call so you can see who it is you’re meeting and verify who they are.

Don’t be nervous about asking for a call. Your safety must always be your number one priority, and a decent Sugardaddy will understand that. A quick FaceTime or Skype call will allow you to establish what your potential Sugardaddy looks like so you can identify him on your first meeting and it’s another way to get a feel of how you will connect with one another.

Your safety is RichMeetBeautiful’s priority

RichMeetBeautiful is only populated by genuine members and a team of cybersecurity professionals trawl the site around the clock to ensure all members are playing by the rules, and are who they say they are. Rest assured that each member has been verified by social channels such as LinkedIn, Google+ and more – however if you ever suspect someone is not who they say they are, report it and our team will immediately investigate.

What to ask on the first date

While our professional administrators ensure each profile is 100% genuine, it’s important for you to do your own investigative work – as you would when entering any new relationship. Ask open-ended questions when you first meet with your Sugardaddy without prying for obviously personal details. General questions such as the industry in which he works, cities he’s lived, and where he went to school are all details he’ll be happy to share on your first meeting as they don’t give away too much about his personal situation, but will allow you to develop trust as you’ll be able to take a quick look into his background based on that information alone.

Similarly, your Sugardaddy will take his time in trusting you as, chances are, he has a lot at stake both personally and professionally. He’ll want to make sure you’re entering into the relationship for the right reasons and that you respect his boundaries and guidelines, as he will respect yours.

First dates should always be on neutral ground

This might seem obvious, but always meet your Sugardaddy for the first time in a public place, even if he suggests otherwise. The first date is to break the ice, get a feel for each other and explore each other’s reasons for starting a sugar relationship. There is no need for this to take place in private and it certainly shouldn’t be in a hotel room. If your potential Sugardaddy suggests this, politely decline and casually suggest an alternative such as a restaurant you’re keen on trying or a bar that is sophisticated and discreet. If he keeps insisting, it’s probably time to move on.

Thanks, but no thanks: no personal pick-ups on the first date

While it may seem romantic and attentive for your Sugardaddy to offer to pick you up personally on the first date, remember what your parents told you: don’t get in the car with a stranger. Politely decline, and hint that you’d prefer an Uber or similar. Your Sugardaddy wil get the picture and if he’s worth spending time with, he will book a car for you or offer to pay your cab fare. Personal pick-ups by your Sugardaddy shouldn’t happen until you are completely comfortable with him and willing to trust him enough to give him your address. Again – if a potential Sugardaddy continues to insist on a personal pickup on the first meeting, move on.

Limit the alcohol intake, so you can take it all in

Keep your wits about you on the first meeting – and that means don’t get too excited and lose yourself in expensive cocktails or vintage champagne. The purpose of the first date is to size up the potential Sugardaddy for an ongoing relationship – not to see how much cash he will drop. Observe the way he interacts with those around him – the wait staff, the bartender and of course – you. Ensure he checks your comfort – he’ll know you’re likely to be nervous on the first meeting – and if he spends time ensuring you’re at ease and enjoying yourself, he’s most likely a keeper.