Pour some sugar on me- how Sugarbabies negotiate compensation

Sugardaddies know that Sugarbabies want to be compensated for the time they will spend meeting their Sugardaddy’s expectations, their dedication to being flexible and understanding of his busy schedule and that she will mould herself into being the perfect playmate just for him.

RichMeetBeautiful is here to match you with Sugardaddies who understand Sugar dating – so rest assured, you will be compensated. However, it’s important to remember your Sugardaddy will always maintain control of the when, the where and most importantly the how this will be compensated.

Obviously, picking up the bill for a cab or an Uber is a no-brainer when you go to meet him for a date but the other options for compensation are varied. Financial support for credit card debt, a helping hand for university or college fees, some sparkles and shopping sprees and cash allowances are just some of the ways Sugarbabies start to enjoy their sweet new life.

The Golden Rule for Sugarbabies

The Golden Rule for a Sugarbaby is: never bring up finances on the first date. Sugar dating is much more refined and complex and should never be approached with a ‘no money, no honey’ attitude. Financial support should remain an unspoken but understood fact in any sugar relationship until there is a definite ‘click’ and both of you can see there’s potential for an ongoing - and mutually beneficial - relationship.

If any Sugarbaby or Sugardaddy ever gives the other the impression they are interested in a sex-for-money transaction, they’ve misunderstood the concept of sugar dating and the whole thing is a non-starter.

So, Sugarbabies – rather than using the first date to set financial expectations, disclose your financial stresses or goals, use it to show your Sugardaddy that you’re an elegant and sophisticated young lady worth investing in.

Slow and steady wins the race

Take your time to think about why you’re entering into a relationship with a Sugardaddy. Do you need help paying off a debt? Do you have high tuition fees you want assistance with? Do you want a taste of the high life and a wealthy older man to show you the ins and outs of luxury living?

Making your goals clear in your mind will motivate and inspire you to be an attentive, charming and charismatic Sugarbaby, ready to dedicate time and energy to the right Sugardaddy.

A conversation regarding finances, allowances and gifts will come – the most important thing is to be patient and polite: who talks about money on a first date!? Wait two or three dates for your Sugardaddy to broach the subject – and if it hasn’t come up by then, you can hint at the need for a conversation. Do so gently and you’re most likely to provoke a pleasing response.

Be the perfect Sugarbaby and you’ll reap the rewards

Asking for money or presents on the first date isn’t charming – take it from us. Being the perfect Sugarbaby is as easy as planning ahead to ensure you’re manicured from head to toe and have put some thought into your outfit. Chatting to your Sugardaddy in advance – and the choice of meeting venue - will have given you some idea of what’s appropriate to wear. The main aim is to always look your very best. Your Sugardaddy is looking for someone he can shower with beautiful items and experiences – not someone who is tired, grumpy, hasn’t bothered to go to the gym and shows up in a t-shirt and jeans (unless – of course, he’s into that).

Sugardaddies want to feel you have dressed for them, and your hair, make up and nails have all been taken into consideration. You are silky smooth and smell beautiful. Pay attention to the fine details, and it will pay off.

Charm your way into a fair negotiating position

Once you’ve established yourself as someone your Sugardaddy wants to get to know, spend his time with and ultimately invest in, a conversation regarding compensation will come up. If you’ve followed the Golden Rule, presented yourself beautifully and been courteous, you’re in a better position to negotiate.

Be clear and honest about what you’re looking for in a Sugardaddy – and always remember, if the terms don’t suit you, you can walk away. There are plenty of Sugardaddies out there and it’s important you find the one that’s absolutely perfect for you and your circumstances.