Carats, couture and credit cards- What to expect from a Sugardaddy Shopping Spree?

The day your Sugardaddy announces he is taking you on a shopping trip is a day to rejoice. You are about to experience something that only the elite have access to: a trip to high end boutiques and the very finest jewelry stores where price tags do not come into the equation. 

Be kind and courteous always

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that because you’re in the company of a wealthy man that manners and common courtesy don’t apply to you. Just as you would have observed the way your Sugardaddy spoke to waiters and hostesses on your first date, he is measuring your behavior and reaction when he chooses to spoil you. 

Be kind, courteous and grateful. Thank anyone who opens a door for you, and don’t forget your please and thank yous when boutique assistants shower you with attention and run after you to find the perfect size or shade. 

Assistants in the boutiques recognize serious customers and might already be familiar with your Sugardaddy - expect complimentary drinks including glasses of champagne, and undivided attention. This experience is reserved for the very few - enjoy every moment but do not take it for granted. 

If you disappoint your Sugardaddy by being rude or presumptuous, treats like this will dry up faster than you can imagine.

Shopping sprees are a treat for you both

Your Sugardaddy might already have an itinerary in mind, and if that’s the case - go with it. He is familiar with the finer things and probably has a fantastic eye for detail and quality. He might even introduce you to designers that you haven’t heard of before because they’re so exclusive and prohibitively expensive. 

Your shopping spree is as much a gift for you as it is for your Sugardaddy. He will delight in seeing your face light up with pleasure as you feel silk against your skin, spritz expensive fragrances and touch buttery soft leather bags that would be out of your reach without him. Allow him to enjoy the experience just as much as you by asking his opinion, allowing him to select items with you and seeing what you’re trying on. After all - not only is he footing the bill, he’ll be the one looking at what you’re wearing later as well. 

Make your shopping spree count 

Of course there’s no limit to the number of shoes and bags a girl can own - she’ll never get tired of either - but if your Sugardaddy gives you the reins and asks where you’d like to visit, always choose jewellery over Jimmy Choo. One of the conditions of sugar dating is that your relationship is temporary - Sugardaddies aren’t looking to replace their wives or significant others and it’s always important to remember that. 

Any piece of jewellery your Sugardaddy buys for you is a significant gift and you should acknowledge it as such. It will be a permanent piece in your collection, and something you will wear to remind yourself of him - it’s symbolic and sensual. It’s also as good as money in the bank, as gold and diamonds never lose their value. While a worn pair of Louboutins might rake in a few dollars on eBay once the relationship is over, a pearl necklace will hold its value and make any heartache a little less painful. 

The perks of being a sugarbaby

A shopping spree with your might be a one-off occurrence or become a permanent fixture on your dating calendar depending on how he is inclined. Sugardaddies realize that if they want you dressed from head to toe in the lastest from Balmain or dripping in Messika diamonds, you are dependent on them to make that happen. If they are pressed for time but want you perfect for a dinner date, don’t be surprised if you’re required to keep the afternoon free to have a massage, manicure and pedicure that he has booked in to ensure you’re groomed, pampered and relaxed before seeing him. Part of a Sugardaddy’s pleasure is knowing that while he’s in meetings or otherwise engaged, your day is spent preparing yourself exclusively for him. 

Another significant part of your Sugardaddy’s pleasure is taken from your appreciation for him showing you the finer things in life - and that includes when he splashes the cash. Don’t act aloof or arrogant - he knows you don’t shop at Louis Vuitton and Louboutin your days off. Allow yourself to be delighted, and he will delight in your reaction just as much as you delight in the i boxing process later.