Why Sugardating..?

The relationship between a Sugardaddy and a Sugarbaby is one of mutual benefits, and is built on trust, respect and a shared interest in what they can provide to each other.

Sugardaddies are wealthy, established gentlemen who may already have a wife and family, however, their busy lifestyle and years of marriage mean the spark and magic is all but gone. Sugarbabies should understand their Sugardaddy is not looking to replace his wife and children, but is looking for someone beautiful to pamper, spoil and share his downtime with.

A Sugarbaby is a beautiful young lady who is worth her weight in gold. She seeks to please her Sugardaddy by being available for him, sweetening his spare time and sharing his luxury lifestyle. She seeks to learn from him and advance her knowledge about life, business, culture and more – while earning some pocket money to pay off her college tuition or debt.

Introducing RichMeetBeautiful

The rich and the beautiful belong together – and as long as the relationship serves both parties well, why not soak it in champagne and caviar..?

Cocktails at sunset on a yacht, a sought-after reservation at the finest new restaurant and jetting off for weekends in Ibiza and the South of France should never be endured alone. The commitment of marriage between a Sugardaddy and his wife may be strong, however often high-powered marriages become more like business arrangements than sexy seductive relationships.

A sugar relationship means a Sugardaddy and Sugarbaby can enjoy the life that only the 1% can dream of, without strings attached or unrealistic expectations getting in the way. It’s a relationship that celebrates the sweet life.

Dating a Sugardaddy: A life of luxury beyond expectations

Dating a Sugardaddy paves the way for a Sugarbaby to enjoy the finer things in life, increase her knowledge of languages, culture and geography – all while travelling in First Class or private jet, of course.

A Sugardaddy opens doors to a world of diamonds, champagne and shopping sprees that a Sugarbaby would not have had access to otherwise – and best of all, he enjoys the opportunity of opening a young lady’s eyes to a life of privilege and exclusivity.

In addition to luxury experiences, Sugardaddies support their Sugarbabies by providing generous gifts and cash allowances. In return, Sugarbabies should understand they are to be a pleasant, beautiful and relaxing element of a Sugardaddy’s life. They should always be flexible and ensure they fit into their Sugardaddy’s schedule as his life is most likely busy and highly stressful.

No artificial sweeteners – all profiles are genuine

Every single profile on RichMeetBeautiful has been manually verified by a team of professional administrators who compare accounts against various social channels, including LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook and more.

RichMeetBeautiful does not accept fake profiles and will investigate and remove any suspected bots or people who are not who they say they are.

Sugar dating is all about refined elegance, respect and trust – and for everyone involved to have fun, we understand the online experience has to be secure and confidential and have dedicated an entire department to guaranteeing that for our Sugardaddies and Sugarbabies.

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It’s a free service that provides the golden link for the Rich and Beautiful to match and discover the benefits each other can provide.

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